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The Department of Communication creates and shares knowledge of communication and relational processes, including ethical and critical decision-making, with the goal of encouraging the development of engaged citizens preparing for leadership in their professions, community, and world.

Message from the Chair

bdh Beth Goodier
Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston. We are a dynamic, integrated program with an accomplished faculty whose teaching and research are reflective of the diversity of our discipline. Read more.

Departmental Spotlight

musichall College of Charleston Professor Evaluates Marriage Equality Conversation, Stirs National Discussion

Since 2004, 16 states have legalized gay marriage. While gay rights activists recognize this as a victory of sorts, College of Charleston Professor of Communication Leigh Moscowitz contends it’s only one of many equality issues activists hoped to push into the public eye. In her new book, The Battle over Marriage: Gay Rights Activism through the Media, Moscowitz examines the mainstream media’s effect on marriage equality and the gay rights movement. Read more...

COMMunity Networks

Marketing and Communications Intern at CofC Alumni Relations
Posted on 14 April 2014 | 3:23 pm
Marketing & Communications Intern Advertisement (Summer 2014)
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Global Creative Initiatives Manager at Ketchum
Posted on 14 April 2014 | 3:17 pm
Over the past three years, many students have told me how a full-time job managing Ketchum creative resources like Mindfire would be “amazing” and a “dream job” in communications. Those students are kind and wonderful and completely correct. Managing creativity at Ketchum is amazing – and a newly open position. If you have enjoyed participating on […]
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