Katharine Lowe

Alumni Profile: Local Flavor, Katharine Lowe '06

Katharine Lowe

One of Katharine Lowe’s ’06 proudest moments was when she was able to bring her skillset back to the city of Charleston. Lowe, Director of Operations for The Reynolds Group Charleston office, blended her passions of hospitality and public relations in courses at the College and translated them into a career.

Motivated by striving to be incredibly proud of her work, Lowe is 110% dedicated to finding a unique voice for her clients. Each with their own niche and personality, Lowe says The Reynolds Group tries to find the best representation of every category—whether it’s burgers or italian. They represent the instantaneously recognizable Charleston favorites, such as Oak Steakhouse, Magnolia's, O-Ku, Indaco and many more. She has a desire to stay on top of current trends and educating herself. She loves building relationships and earning the trust of her clients to have creative freedom.

Lowe says that part of the beauty of College of Charleston is how “it is larger than you think, but still so intimate that you get to know everyone.” She stays connected with fellow alumni via social media. 

Her advice for current students? Internships. The Reynolds Group has provided numerous internships to Communication graduates over the past few years.  Lowe says, “you need to make yourself stand out and be at the right place at the right time.”

Lowe will soon be moving to Columbia to develop new business in growing markets for The Reynolds Group and doing more internal PR for the company. She likes that being in a small business she’s been able to grow and make the experience her own.

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