Brian Wilder

Brian Wilder
Follow along on the journey of Brian Wilder, a 2011 communication alumnus… Brian is the host of Evok Advertising Agency’s Provok podcast, a show that covers a “multitude of topics within the marketing and advertising realms. The show averages 100+ unique listens per episode, and has amassed over 7,300 total plays since its creation in January 2017.” Brian writes:

"After graduating in 2011, with a (very) hard-earned degree in communication, I snagged a job as a journalist/columnist at a small media group in Florence, SC. I then moved back to #chs, and cut my teeth as a content marketer at BoomTown. A few years, and some writing gigs later, my wife, Faith Ezekiel, PhD ('09), and I set down roots in Orlando, FL. We've been here since 2015. In between all of this, I've won industry awards, worked with brands like Google, Adidas, Pita Pit and more, and started a podcast focusing on trends and issues in the advertising industry. Currently, I'm the social media manager/copywriter for a mid-size ad agency, and am looking to pursue a Chef's Apprentice certificate in spring/summer '19.
I love what I do, and what I've done, because writing has always been the most effective way to get one's point across. Whether it's a request on a Post-It note, or a 125-page dissertation, our words have meaning, gravitas. That's something I've never taken for granted." 

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