Trevor Baratko

Trevor BaratkoThis summer CofC communication alumnus Trevor Baratko ’08 was named Editor of the Loudoun Times-Mirror. Trevor writes about his work and his undergraduate experience at CofC:

"It’s an interesting time to be in the news business, to say the least. Facts, source-driven reporting and truth are constantly under assault. But that only makes the work of honest-to-God reporters and editors more essential. Our nation’s founders knew what they were doing when they enshrined a free press in the Constitution; a press that holds elected officials accountable, shares stories that those in power are trying to keep under wraps and reveals the truth is a pillar of our democracy.

In fast-growing Loudoun County, Virginia – one of the wealthiest, most dynamic counties in the U.S., located about 30 miles northwest of Washington D.C. – I serve as editor-in-chief of the Loudoun Times-Mirror (, which served more than 1.6 million readers in 2017. While there’s never a “typical day,” I generally direct news coverage, guide our reporters and strategically plan for growth and innovation. As the industry continues to evolve and face challenges, the mission remains the same: inform and entertain the citizenry with facts that help them navigate a fast-paced, curious world.

I don’t think I’d be where I am today without my education – both inside and outside the classroom – at College of Charleston. While I always maintained a commitment to the field of journalism, CofC introduced me to the leading minds in philosophy, literature, history and American studies. Not a week goes by where I don’t use something I learned in a non-core media class in my work. Being able to reflect on varying views and insights into the human condition no doubt helps me maintain balance and objectivity in reporting and editing.

It’s probably clear by now: I love my work and don’t take the responsibility lightly.

And still, all that said, not a week goes by where I don’t reminisce on and, yes, long for the days of being a college student in that intoxicating temptress of a town."

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