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Graduate Requirements

The Master of Arts in Communication (MCOM) program requires completion of a minimum of 33 credit hours of study, of which no more than 12 may be transfer credit (including graduate courses taken at the College of Charleston). An approved plan of study for each student must be on file with the Graduate School after the completion of the first semester of study. All graduate students must earn a satisfactory rating on a comprehensive examination after completing 24 graduate hours in the program. 

Students may choose between a thesis option or a non-thesis option for completing the program. The thesis option requires completion of a traditional research project, with students registering for three credit hours of Master's Thesis during the two final consecutive semesters of study (COMM 701-702). For any thesis project extending into additional semesters, including the summer, students are required to register for additional Master's Thesis hours. Master's Thesis hours do not satisfy elective credit hours.

The non-thesis option requires completion of an approved three-credit-hour graduate Internship (COMM 795), with a provision for waiving the internship requirement if a student demonstrates appropriate professional experience in a communication career. Those receiving an internship waiver must still complete a minimum of 33 graduate credit hours to earn the Master of Arts in Communication. A student must work directly with his or her adviser before and during the internship experience. 

All students in the MCOM program are required to complete the following courses:
COMM 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Communication; taken in student's first semester
COMM 501 Quantitative Research Methods, or COMM 502 Qualitative Research Methods 
COMM 510 Communication Theory; taken in student's first semester
COMM 680, 681 or 682 Rhetorical Theory Requirement

Enrollments in COMM 690, COMM 698, COMM 699 and COMM 795 may account for no more than six credit hours in the student's degree program.

All options for degree completion requirements are constrained by elapsed time and GPA requirements for graduation and any other graduation requirements specified by the Graduate School of the College of Charleston.

Elective Courses

The courses listed below can be used as electives in the degree program:

COMM 514 Social Media
COMM 520 Communication Campaigns
COMM 522 International and Intercultural Communication
COMM 530 Race, Gender, Class and Media
COMM 540 Uses and Effects of Media
COMM 580 Seminar in Communication
COMM 584 Ethics in Communication 
COMM 680 Seminar in Rhetoric
COMM 690 Communication Pedagogy
COMM 698 Tutorial
COMM 699 Independent Study
COMM 795 Graduate Internship

Forms and Guidelines

Comprehensive Examination Guidelines

Internship (Comm 795) Guidelines

Thesis guidelines (Comm 701-702) Guidelines

Program of Study Form