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Master of Arts in Communication

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The Master of Arts in Communication (MCOM) is dedicated to providing a rigorous graduate experience in communication, humanities and social sciences. Designed to deliver an understanding of communication theory, the ability to conduct basic and applied research, the capacity for critical thinking about communication problems and the competencies expected of a professional communicator, teacher or scholar. The MCOM program provides students the cognitive, research, and professional skills required of leaders in a constantly changing and challenging information era.

The following student learning outcomes inform the MCOM graduate experience:

  • Identify and discuss historical developments and varying communication perspectives of the communication discipline;
  • Critically read and analyze published research articles;
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the research methodologies common to the communication discipline;
  • Develop writing, analytical, and presentation skills to enhance professional performance;
  • Explain, analyze, and apply communication theory to personal and professional life situations; and
  • Conduct original research in communication at a level appropriate to graduate-level education.

This 33-hour master’s degree program boasts an eclectic and engaged group of graduate faculty committed to sharing their experience and expertise with students. Striving for a collaborative experience between students and faculty, the program offers a number of successful learning initiatives, including creative independent-study projects, community-based research teams, communication pedagogy experiences and professional immersion internships.  Full- and part-time students are welcome.

In recent years, our students have presented research at national academic conferences, secured internships with top communication agencies, supervised undergraduates in the classroom, and worked for campus offices ranging from Student Media to Institutional Advancement.  Many of our graduates have received funded assistantships in top doctoral programs across the country. Also, recent graduates have landed significant positions in corporate and agency settings from IBM, Forbes and Ketchum to Rawle Murdy, Le Creuset and Local Palate magazine. The graduate program also has a chapter of the College of Charleston Graduate Student Association that serves as an important academic and social support system for each cohort of graduate students.

The Department of Communication has 3.5 funded graduate assistant positions, awarded to high-performing students who show promise in research, teaching and leadership skills.  Two positions are specifically designed for students interested in working alongside faculty mentors in the undergraduate classroom.

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