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Master of Arts in Communication

The Master of Arts degree program in Communication is designed to develop the student’s understanding of communication theory, the ability to conduct basic and applied research, the capacity for critical thinking about communication problems, and the competencies required for service as a professional communicator, teacher, or scholar.

We have an eclectic and engaged group of graduate faculty committed to sharing their experience and insight with their students. The Lowcountry Graduate Center, where our program is housed, is a welcoming environment for students with outstanding classrooms and computer laboratories. Striving for a collaborative experience between student and the faculty, we have established a number of successful learning initiatives, including creative independent-study projects and experiences in communication pedagogy. The graduate program also has a chapter of the College of Charleston Graduate Student Association.

In recent years, our students have presented research to national academic conferences, landed internships with top communication agencies, and have supervised undergraduates (through paid assistantships) in campus offices ranging from Student Media to Institutional Advancement.  Many of our graduates have received funded assistantships in top doctoral programs in communication over the past five years. Also, recent graduates have landed significant positions in corporate and agency settings.  For example, members of our recent graduating classes received positions at IBM, Forbes, Ketchum, Rawle Murdy, and Le Creuset.

The Department of Communication has 3.5 funded graduate assistant positions, awarded to high-performing students who show promise in research and teaching as well as leadership skills.  Two positions are specifically designed for teaching/research assistance that allow students to work with a faculty mentor.  The communication pedagogy program (Comm 690) is another avenue for high-performing students to engage in classroom undergraduate activity through faculty mentorship.

Applications for Fall 2014 due March 1, 2014

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