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SPRING 2017 DEADLINE: If you plan to do an internship this semester, submit the three required forms to Dr. Kirk Stone, Internship Director, no later than Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017. If you have questions, contact Dr. Stone at 953-5644 or Thank you, and good luck as you arrange an internship that is right for you!

Students are encouraged to complete unpaid or paid internships. After graduation, employers are interested in your experience. The best way to get experience is through an internship. Many internships lead to employment opportunities, because the student and the future employer get a chance to "try out" each other with no obligation. (Before you apply, be sure that you have a 2.5 major GPA, at least 60 hours, and half your COMM courses completed by the semester in which you want an internship. Also, be aware that summer internships generate the same per-hour tuition cost as a regular summer course for credit.)

Please note that students must register for internship credit and complete the internship-approval process with the Department of Communication before the internship begins. We encourage students to complete more than one internship.

Dr. Kirk Stone, the Department of Communication Internship Director, is the supervising professor for all COMM 495 internships throughout the academic year, including the summer sessions.  Students are encouraged to attend informational sessions and internship fairs scheduled throughout the year.

Guidelines and requirements for internships are available below.  

Internship Guidelines

Tips for Finding an Internship

COMMunity Networks - updated internship opportunities for COMM students

Guidelines and requirements for internships are available below.  Your signature on the application and internship agreement indicate you have reviewed and understand the guidelines and requirements for completing an internship for credit.

You must complete the following 5 forms.

These final two forms are due at the completion of the term: