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Study Abroad

You may want to consider completing some of your Elective, General Education, or Communication coursework through a study abroad program.  The Department of Communication leads the school of Humanities and Social Sciences in the number of students who have taken courses in other countries.  Most report the experience as memorable, intellectual stimulating, and often life-changing.  If studying abroad sounds interesting to you, begin planning early in your College career with your advisor and the staff at the Center for International Education.

Things to keep in mind whether you plan to study abroad with a College exchange program or an independent program at another school:

  • Obtain pre-approval for the courses that you want to take
  • Provide the relevant department chair or associate chair with catalog descriptions of courses you would like to transfer to the College. In the Department of Communication, you should plan to meet with Dr. Julie Davis, Associate Chair, to review your planned coursework before you leave for your study abroad experience.
  • Complete the Coursework Elsewhere Form from the Center for International Education

If you wish to study abroad during your senior year, realize that there are important limitations and rules that you need to be aware of.  For example, under certain circumstances you can petition to have 7 of your last 37 hours taken elsewhere (see the Coursework Elsewhere during Senior Year Petition on the Forms page maintained by the Registrar's Office)

Additional resources for studying abroad: