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Transfer Credit

Every student transferring to the College should have had his or her transcripts from other institutions evaluated by the Admissions Office prior to registration. If your transcript has not been evaluated for transfer credits, begin with the Admissions Office. Several criteria are used to determine whether a course will transfer to the College (e.g., the grade needs to be "C" or better, the school needs to be accredited, the number of course hours already transferred needs to be tallied, and so on). For a more complete description of transfer credit issues, review the Transfer Credit Policies page maintained by the Admissions Office. You may also find this list of Transferable Courses from SC 2-year technical colleges helpful.

Sometimes the Admissions Office will not be able to identify an equivalent College of Charleston course from your transcript. In this situation, you may be asked to contact the Associate Chair of our Department.  Be sure to provide the Associate Chair with the following information:

  • A copy of the catalog course description from the other college
  • Any other available material (e.g., syllabus, textbook, class notes) to aid in the evaluation

Note that some of your courses may not be accepted at the College of Charleston even though they might have been perfectly acceptable courses at the previous institution. Other courses might transfer as "elective" credit only, "general degree requirement" credit only, or as "major" credit. You should not expect to receive credit for all courses taken elsewhere.

Because college courses do not transfer freely from one institution to another, any student who plans to transfer to or from the College of Charleston would be well advised to contact the other institution about courses that will transfer. Also, if you plan to study elsewhere during the summer or during a leave of absence, you will need to complete the Coursework Elsewhere form provided by the Office of the Registrar