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The Academic Advising and Planning Center is a helpful resource for undergraduates, especially with regard to general education requirements and other “frequently asked questions.” The Career Center is a comprehensive resource (internships, graduate schools, job placement) designed to help students from freshman year to graduation. Both offices are located in the Lightsey Center, located on Calhoun Street.

Graduate and Law School Planning

Many Department of Communication graduates apply for admission to highly selective graduate and law schools.  If you are interested in graduate or law school, please discuss this possibility with your major advisor at the earliest opportunity.  Ordinarily, students should plan to take such exams as the GRE or LSAT early in the senior year. The College of Charleston has a Pre-Law Advisor. Please email Dr. Larry Krasnoff, Professor of Philosophy and Pre-Law Advisor, at or call 843.953.4987.

Mandatory Undergraduate Advising

All communication majors are strongly encouraged to meet with their major advisors during every semester.

In the Department of Communication, all undergraduate communication majors with cumulative grade point averages below 2.25 or major grade point averages below 2.25 are required to see their major advisors before registering for courses. A registration “hold” will prevent all communication majors meeting one or both of these criteria from registering for courses in future semesters or summer terms.

Advising holds ordinarily will be removed no more than three business days after the student has seen her or his advisor. Students with mandatory advising should meet with their advisors at the earliest opportunity to avoid problems with registration delays and course availability.

Unless a student is studying abroad, mandatory advising meetings must take place in a face-to-face setting. A telephone conversation or e-mail exchange will not fulfill the mandatory advising requirement. Exceptions to the mandatory advising requirement require the approval of the department chair or the associate chair. The petition for an advising exception ordinarily must be made in writing.

Graduate Advising

Graduate students are temporarily advised by the Graduate Director at the beginning of their program.  Master’s students ordinarily select their faculty advisors after the first full semester of graduate study.  See the Graduate Director for more information.

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Get in touch with your assigned advisor if you have questions about this process. Refer to DegreeWorks on MyCharleston to lookup your individual advisor. Please contact Dr. Julie Davis (, Associate Chair of the Department of Communication, with advising issues that require immediate assistance.  

If you have questions or concerns about the quality of your advising, please contact Dr. Jenifer Kopfman (, Chair of the Department of Communication.