Student Spotlight

Inaugural Class of the Martin Scholars, 2016-2017

Announcement of Martin Scholars

Tom Martin announced the inaugural class of Martin Scholars at the spring COMM Advisory Council meeting in late April (see above photo). Congratulations to the 10 seniors selected as Martin Scholars:  Amanda Phagan, Berkeley Fisher, Chelsea Anderson, Caroline Coyle, Corey Law, Emily Whitson, Jaquan Leonard, Megan Dunn, Nia Strothers, and Taylor Shawver. Read more about the mentoring program here.

2016 Scholarship Tea Celebration
Scholarship Recipients

The Department of Communication recognizes the current scholarship recipients (2015-2016):

  • Alexa Chiarelli, recipient of the Karen Avenoso Award (class of 2016)
  • Julia R. Duda, recipient of the Lindner Scholarship (class of 2016)
  • Kaitlyn R. Ross, recipient of the Lindner Scholarship (class of 2017)
  • Wesli M. Jones, recipient of the John Rivers Scholarship (class of 2016)
  • Erin Dempsey, recipient of the Charlie Hall Scholarship (class of 2016)
  • Nia Strothers, recipient of the South Carolina Cable Foundation Scholarship (class of 2017)
  • Taylor Shawver, recipient of the Advertising Federation/Kenneth Adkins Memorial Scholarship (class of 2017)
Student Leaders

The Department of Communication Mission Statement emphasizes the preparation of students for leadership.

We are pleased to recognize the Communication graduates listed below for their leadership at the College of Charleston. Some of these graduates held leadership positions in student government or in the senior class. Others were winners of the Bishop Robert Smith Award, the College's highest undergraduate award, which recognizes the combination of high academic performance and student leadership.

Members of the Department of Communication faculty and staff congratulate these alumnae and alumni on their leadership accomplishments while completing the communication major at the College of Charleston. We also congratulate the hundreds of alumnae and alumni who won scholarships and awards during their time at the College of Charleston.

Bishop Robert Smith Award

Katherine Shidler '13
Kristen Thompson '09
Matthew McClellan '08
Rebecca McCarson '05
Lacey Elgie '02
Billie J. Murray '00
Melody J. Edelman '98

Theodore S. Stern Cup

Wesli Jones '16
Dakota Isaacs '15
Tommy Werner '13
Katie Moske '10

Senior Class President

Skylar Stetten '09
Rachel Olden '04
Bridget Bettelli '03
Chesley Stetten '02
MacKenzie Hutchinson '99
Michelle Elizabeth Slade '94

Student Government Association President

Erica Arbetter '13
Jillian Irizarry '06
Nicholas Glover '04
Jessica Gonzales '97