Department of Communication

CofC’s Department of Communication teaches students how to better understand the countless messages they receive every day, and how to more effectively craft their own. Whether students are learning about the smallest conversations or the biggest social media platforms, whether they’re exploring political debates or strategic campaigns, our students are being prepared to lead in a world where effective and ethical messaging matters more than ever.

 Message from the Chair

Professional photo of Dr. Ryan M. Milner.
Ryan M. Milner | Department Chair

Hello and thanks for checking out CofC’s Department of Communication! Our students learn how to craft effective messages and decode the messages they encounter every day. They apply those lessons as they work in fields like journalism, media, public relations, marketing, advertising, social advocacy, politics, and at any of the many, many jobs where connecting with others is essential (hint: it’s a lot!).  Read more.

(Featuring new alumna, Marley Lucas '21 - Martin Scholar, Communication major, Political Science and Spanish double minor.)

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