Message from the Chair

Professional photo of Dr. Ryan M. Milner.

Hello and thanks for checking out the Department of Communication! Our students learn how to craft effective messages and decode the messages they encounter every day. They apply those lessons as they work in fields like journalism, media, public relations, marketing, advertising, social advocacy, politics, and at any of the many, many jobs where connecting with others is essential (hint: it’s a lot!).

CofC COMM classes are taught by award winning faculty who bring their expertise and commitment to every meeting. Our instructors train students to write beautifully, speak eloquently, think critically, and research effectively. They help students make sense of the biggest social media platforms, the most intimate conversations, and every context in between. Faculty lessons are informed by the volumes of books, articles, presentations, and interviews on their resumes. Our instructors have spent years researching the messages people share so that our students can understand those messages too.

COMM students have the chance to learn just as much outside the classroom as in it. They can connect with our National Advisory Council, comprised of 50+ professionals in multiple communication industries and executive positions across the nation. They can become protégés of Council mentors. They can join the Martin Scholars and learn the communication skills necessary for leadership. Our students earn Lambda Pi Eta honors, they find their voice with CisternYard Media, and they get hands-on training through our internship program

If you’d like to learn more about a CofC COMM degree, click that “Choosing Communication” tab and dive in. If you’re planning a campus visit, we’d love to have you stop by our historic offices at 9 College Way. We could host you in one of our classes or arrange a meeting with some of our students and faculty. I’m personally an email away for any questions you might have. See you around campus, and go Cougs!


- Dr. Ryan M. Milner, Department Chair