Faculty and Staff Listing

The faculty and staff of the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston welcome you! Scroll below to find the professor or staff member you are seeking. Questions? Email us at commdept@cofc.edu and we will be sure to help.

Faculty Members

Name Position Phone E-mail
Abetz, Jenna* Assistant Professor 843.953.7017 abetzjs@cofc.edu
Benigni, Vince * Professor 843.953.7019 benigniv@cofc.edu
Benson, Erin Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 bensonej@cofc.edu
Chen, Feifei Assistant Professor 843.953.6591 chenf@cofc.edu
Cherry, Lynn Associate Professor 843.953.5527 cherryl@cofc.edu
Cui, Xi Assistant Professor 843.953.8128 cuix@cofc.edu
Davis, Julie Associate Professor 843.953.8289 davisj@cofc.edu
DeHaan, Kathleen A. Associate Professor 843.953.4839 dehaank@cofc.edu
Delaney, Melissa Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 delaneyms@cofc.edu
Ferguson, Douglas * Professor 843.953.7854 fergusond@cofc.edu
Ferrara, Merissa * Associate Professor 843.953.7017 ferraramh@cofc.edu
Goodier, Beth * Associate Professor 843.953.7420 goodierb@cofc.edu
Guthrie, Caroline Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 guthriecl1@cofc.edu
Henley, Amanda Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 alhenley@cofc.edu
Irving, Brook Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 irvingba@cofc.edu
Jakes, Kelly Assistant Professor 843.953.1911 jakeska@cofc.edu
Kopfman, Jenifer Associate Professor 843.953.5775 kopfmanj@cofc.edu
Lacroix, Celeste* Professor 843.953.5654 lacroixc@cofc.edu
Lee, Michael * Associate Professor 843.953.8125 leem@cofc.edu
Lee, Namjin * Associate Professor 843.953.6411 leen@cofc.edu
Lewis, Nia Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 strothersnk@cofc.edu
Martin, Thomas R. Executive-in-Residence 843.953.6383 martintr@cofc.edu
McGee, Deborah Associate Professor 843.953.8297 mcgeed@cofc.edu
Milner, Ryan * Associate Professor 843.953.5787 milnerrm@cofc.edu
Oyero, Emmanuel Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 oyeroae@cofc.edu
Parisi, David * Associate Professor 843.953.6784 parisid@cofc.edu
Ruth-McSwain, Amanda * Associate Professor 843.953.5783 rutha@cofc.edu
Stone, Kirk ** Associate Professor Emeritus 843.953.5644 stonek@cofc.edu
Strauman, Elena * Associate Professor 843.953.7419 straumane@cofc.edu
Sundstrom, Beth * Associate Professor 843.953.7599 sundstrombl@cofc.edu
Volkmann, Laurie Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 lattimorevolkmannla@cofc.edu
Waldman, Barry Adjunct Faculty 843.953.7017 waldmanb@cofc.edu
Westerfelhaus, Robert * Professor 843.953.6533 westerfelhar@cofc.edu

* denotes members of the graduate faculty
**emeritus faculty

Staff Members

Name Position Phone E-mail
Gould, Megan Coordinator for Events, Outreach, and Public Relations 843.953.4360 gouldme1@cofc.edu
Jones, Mary Administrative Specialist 843.953.8118 jonesmj@cofc.edu