Barry Waldman

Adjunct Faculty

Words and images have been Barry Waldman’s weapons of choice since he broadcast the NCAA soccer championships on the radio his junior year of college. With 30 years of work in journalism, public relations and marketing under his belt, he came to Charleston 15 years ago to promote Trident United Way.

A native of New York City, Barry graduated Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology, and a master’s in journalism. For a decade he served as the Associated Press Radio Capitol correspondent from Albany, as a radio news director, and as a business newspaper reporter.

Unfulfilled in his quest to save the world, Barry joined a United Way in Upstate New York and swiftly transformed their communications. He leveraged a $25,000 advertising investment into a quarter-of-a-million dollars’ worth of ads. He simultaneously guerilla-marketed his way into widespread coverage, avoiding arrest on almost every occasion.

After leading the local United Way’s strategic communications, Barry went out on his own to share his talents with the world. That’s when Big Fly Communications was born with its Chief Thinker and Doer at the service of non-profits and small businesses.

A Big Brother, a human rights advocate and a builder of houses with Habitat for Humanity, Barry volunteered at a crisis hotline and is on his 15th gallon of blood donations. He also warps young minds at the College of Charleston, as an award-winning adjunct professor of PR and marketing courses.

Barry and his wife Michelle are owned by a cat named Tater who allows them to live with her in a house in Charleston. Barry bats left-handed, throws right-handed, and is – at 5’9”, 165 pounds – the proud champion of a 1985 lumberjacking competition. No, really.