Mentor-Protégé Program

Student Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The mentoring relationship is one in which an experienced professional (mentor) guides, coaches, and teaches a less experienced student or young professional (protégé). 

Mentoring must benefit all involved: the mentor, the protégé, the organization(s), as well as the culture supporting the relationship.

Responsibilities of Mentor

  • First Meeting, held in conjunction with the Advisory Council meetings on campus.
  • Agree on short and long term goals for the protégé. 
  • Communicate frequently (3-5 contacts/semester, either by phone or in person).
  • Be available to your protégé as needed.
  • Provide sound advice, coaching, teaching and inspiration to your protégé.
  • Track your protégé's progress toward their academic and professional goals.
  • Complete assessment process at the end of each semester.

Responsibilities of Protégé

  • Prior to meeting your mentor, polish and update your resume and/or LinkedIn materials.
  • Meet with your mentor during on campus Advisory Council meetings (usually in March and October).
  • Contact your mentor monthly.
  • Research your mentor’s company, bio, outside interests, etc.
  • Engage in proactive dialogue and ask informed questions.
  • Complete an assessment process at the end of each semester.

Assessment Process

  • Complete online survey.
  • Conduct the end-semester interview with the Department of Communication Event Coordinator or Executive in Residence.
  • Discuss between mentor and protégé what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve the mentorship, especially at the mid-term and end-semester points.