Graduate Funding Opportunities

MCOM Graduate Assistantship

The Master of Arts in Communication program has 1 funded graduate assistant position, awarded to a high-performing student who shows promise in research and leadership. This position plays an important role in the Department of Communication assisting with everything from social media coordination and event management to office administration and program marketing. Meet our 2019-2020 graduate assistant below.

Nicholas Jeffcoat: Nick is a graduate student in our one-year Master of Arts in Communication online program. As a graduate assistant for the Department of Communication, Nick enjoys working with professors and helping students navigate the department while he manages the front desk in 9 College Way. 

Additional graduate assistantships or graduate student worker positions (for students living near or on-campus) are sometimes available through other CofC departments, programs, or offices. Please view the Graduate School's Assistantships webpage for more information on these opportunities, and how to apply.

Graduate School Funding Opportunities

The Graduate School at the University of Charleston, South Carolina provides a list of assistantships, student worker positions, scholarships, and grants available to support students in their graduate experience. Please visit their Funding Opportunities webpage for more information.