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Master of Arts (M.A.) in Communication

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The Master of Arts in Communication (MCOM) is a rigorous, fully online graduate experience in communication. Designed to deliver an understanding of communication theories, strategic marketing, leadership, and media, this streamlined 30-hour MCOM program gives students conceptual knowledge and marketable skills. MCOM students hone their ability to research and analyze communication problems related to message production, media dissemination, audience interpretation, and data analysis. In sum, the MCOM program provides students the cognitive, research, and professional skills required of leaders in a fast-paced, information-rich era.

The MCOM program is helmed by CofC’s nationally and internationally renowned faculty. Graduate courses are taught by faculty whose work has been published in the most esteemed presses and journals in the field of communication, by professors who have won prestigious awards in the discipline, by thought leaders who regularly give speeches and grant interviews about their work, by practitioners who have advised corporations and non-profits, and, ultimately, by teachers who care about the student experience. We strive for a collaborative experience between students and faculty. As such, the program offers a number of successful learning initiatives, including creative independent-study projects, community-based research teams, communication pedagogy experiences, and professional immersion internships.

Full and part time students are welcome. Full time students can complete the program in 12 months. Part time students can complete the program in 24 months.

Michael J. Lee
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Communication
5 College Way, Room 101

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