Spring Break Experience

Washington, D.C. and New York City 
Martin Scholars Washington DC photo

(Group photo taken in D.C. on the 2022 trip.)


Questions? See details below, or contact Tom Martin, Executive-in-Residence, Department of Communication, at martintr@cofc.edu

Since 2008, the Department of Communication has hosted a spring break trip to major cities to give students exposure to communication professionals and organizations. This is the second virtual trip.

Information for the Washington, D.C. & New York City Spring Break Experience

What: A weeklong experience designed to enhance student understanding of the communication profession by offering a series of tours, presentations and networking events in the Washington, D.C. and New York markets.

Who: The program is open to graduating seniors at the College of Charleston majoring in Communication and Martin Scholars. They will be meeting and interacting with CofC Communication Alumni and the Department of Communication National Advisory Council. Due to space requirements at the sites we plan to visit, we will be limiting the number of participants to approximately 20 students, which includes the 17 Martin Scholars. The remaining positions will be determined based on the strength of student applications. Applications must include a current resume, a 500-word essay describing what the student expects to accomplish from the experience and a $75 registration fee (that will be refunded for any student not selected). This fee (link forthcoming) will offset the costs of receptions in Washington and New York as well as other costs associated with the trip. All students are responsible for their own travel costs. Most breakfasts and lunches are covered by our host companies. Students may also apply for financial assistance through funds administered by the Department of Communication.

Why: COMM students should consider participating if...

  • ...you would like to learn more about the public relations, brand management, media, corporate communications and related fields,
  • ... you would like to develop their network of contacts,
  • ...and if you are interested in getting a better feel for the realities of living and working in the greater Washington and New York areas.

How: Students interested in participating will be responsible for making their own travel and accommodation plans. Students may choose to participate in the Washington and/or New York portions of the trip, but preference will be given to those who are able to participate in the full week of activities if at all possible. Average cost per student for travel and accommodations is $500-750 for the week. Students should evaluate hotel options themselves and make reservations as soon as their travel plans are firm. Students with financial need may apply for assistance through the Department of Communication, via the Funds for Experiential Learning webpage.

More Questions? Please e-mail questions to Mr. Tom Martin, Executive-in-Residence, Department of Communication, at martintr@cofc.edu.

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