Course Descriptions

Students have a variety of Communication classes to choose from, each designed by our world-class faculty to dive deep into the intricacies of a complex field. Completing the COMM major requirements provides our graduates with a well-rounded knowledge of Communication strategies, research, theories, and practical tactics which they will use daily after crossing the Cistern at graduation. Completing the COMM minor requirements pairs a well-rounded basis of Communication with any other selected major(s) at the College.

General information on the complete list of COMM courses (including descriptions, credit hours, course frequency, and repeatability) can be found in the College of Charleston's online catalog.


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Unique COMM Course Section Listings

Select any of the links below to see recent examples of COMM 315 (Ethical Communication), COMM 336 (Addressing Problems in Context), COMM 410 (Analysis of Communication Practice), and COMM 480 (Capstone in Communication) course offerings. These upper level courses are available each semester for students who have completed the prerequisites (listed in each catalog course description) and are eligible to register. Specific course focus varies each semester, dependent on the professors teaching the scheduled courses. Specific descriptions (detailing course content, scheduled professors, delivery method, class schedule, and more) on all upcoming COMM course offerings are made available to students prior to course registration periods, and linked to this webpage.

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