Planning Your Academic Career

Explore How You Can Elevate Your Experience

As you progress in your academic career with the Department of Communication, there are an endless number of ways that we can help elevate your experience as a Communication major or minor. Skim below to see what is available to you and consider scheduling a meeting with your COMM advisor to discuss your plans and goals. We are here to help you!

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There will be several forms and offices across campus that you may need to access during your academic career. Click the button below to view Communication student resources for quick links to the most often requested forms and offices. Don't see what you are looking for? Or need help? Email Dr. Lynn Cherry (Associate Chair) by clicking the button below.




COMM Faculty Advisor

When you declare a major or minor in Communication at CofC, you are automatically assigned a COMM faculty member as an advisor. We encourage you to meet regularly with your advisor to discuss your plans and goals while at the College of Charleston. Your advisor will help guide you along the way! Please review Working with Your Advisor to help you make the most of your advising relationship and ensure academic success.

Need help finding your advisor? Email Dr. Lynn Cherry (Associate Chair). 

Course Descriptions and Section Listings

We offer a variety of Communication courses for you to take during your academic journey! Visit our Course Descriptions webpage for this information, along with a list of upper level courses with topics that change every semester.

Program of Study Worksheets

The Registrar's Office hosts a resource of undergraduate curriculum worksheets detailing course requirements by catalog year and major to assist you in planning your academic career.  Program of Study Worksheets and Program Planners should be reviewed in consultation with your advisor. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for full program and course descriptions.


The Department of Communication highlights many communications-related internships throughout the year. All students are encouraged to complete at least one internship , as they are an excellent way to discover what career you might want to pursue after college graduation. Learn more about the internship resources available to all COMM students.

Unique COMM Student Opportunities

As a declared COMM major or minor, there are several unique student opportunities available just for you! In addition to internships and study abroad, we have a Mentor-Protégé Program, Spring Break Experience, Martin Scholars Program, and more. See the full list of COMM Student Opportunities.

Study Abroad with COMM

The College of Charleston offers amazing opportunites for our students to study abroad. But even better, our department offers communication-specific study abroad opportunities, too! Students have the opportunity to apply to any of the available COMM Study Abroad offerings and travel to new places while earning COMM course credits. Previous COMM study abroad trips have included Costa Rica, Ireland, Italy, Poland, and more! Check out currently available COMM Study Abroad opportunities.

Transfer Course Credit

Please contact the CofC Transfer Resource CenterThe Transfer Resource Center (TRC) is the College of Charleston's space for all things transfer.  If you're a prospective, admitted, or current student looking to make your credits and time at the College count, it's time to connect with the Transfer Resource Center.  Be sure to check out the many resources available to you, information about getting involved as a transfer student, and important information about transfer credits.

Graduation Application

Required for all degree-seeking students, the graduation application for undergraduates is available on the Office of the Registrar's Graduation Application webpage. There are general requirements that need to be fulfilled by any student before graduating from the College. Please visit the above mentioned webpage for more information and a link to the graduation application.

Graduate and Law School Planning

Many Department of Communication graduates apply for admission to highly selective graduate and law schools.  If you are interested in graduate or law school, please discuss this possibility with your major advisor at the earliest opportunity.  Ordinarily, students should plan to take such exams as the GRE or LSAT early in the senior year. The College of Charleston has a Pre-Law Advising program, which interested students should reach out to as soon as possible.

The College of Charleston offers a variety of graduate programs, including a Master's in Communication. For more information, please visit the CofC Graduate School or the M.A. in Communication graduate program websites.