M. Reagor '19 and T. Foley '19

CSN WeeklyMadeline Reagor, a senior majoring in communication, and Taylor Foley, a senior minoring in communication, are co-hosts of Charleston Sports Network (CSN) Weekly, an online show that features highlights and commentary on CofC athletic events. Madeline and Taylor are responsible for filming and developing scripts for on-air segments as well as the post production elements of the show such as selecting content, editing footage, and creating graphics.

Taylor became interested in sports at young age while watching games and attending sporting events with her family. She decided to pursue this interest in sports not only at CofC, but through internships in Los Angeles at ABC7 Sports, NBC Sports, and Amazon Prime’s AVP as well as ABC7 Sports in Charleston. She has used the skills she learned while interning with NBC’s marketing department to help spread awareness of CSN Weekly across campus, and her internships with Amazon Prime and ABC4 sports were helpful in developing the skills required to conduct sideline interviews for CSN Weekly.

Madeline has also been a sports fan from a very early age, and she first got involved with CSN Weekly during her sophomore year. She has been able to develop a wide range of broadcast skills working on the show for the past three years and even took on the role of Student Assistant Director this past semester. Over the summer, Madeline interned with Fox24 where she gained additional experience with writing scripts, editing using Adobe PremierePro, and reading from a teleprompter, which all help with her various responsibilities at CSN Weekly.

In addition to their internship experiences, Taylor and Madeline feel that the knowledge they gained in communication courses at CofC have been incredibly useful for their current roles at CSN Weekly and their future careers. Taylor found COMM 104: Public Speaking to be particularly helpful because broadcasters must be comfortable speaking to athletes for interviews and reading from teleprompters. One of Madeline’s favorite communication courses was Dr. Stone’s Ethical Communication course that examined ethics in journalism, which has been relevant to her current work in broadcast journalism.

After graduating this spring, Taylor hopes to pursue an internship with ABC7 Sports or NBCSports in Los Angeles, and Madeline hopes to work for a broadcast station focusing on sports or entertainment either in Charleston or another city. Check out this semester’s CSN Weekly episodes here.